Ins. Sheet
Spec. Sheet
IES File
T Connector
Used to join three track sections to make a “T” configuration.
Suspension Adjustment Collar
Used when suspension rod is field cut to custom lengths
Stem Power Feed Connector
Serves as both a support and power feed. May be placed anywhere along the length of rail.
Suspension Loop
3-inch electrical loop accepts chain hung fixtures, 35 pounds maximum. Contains compartment for electrical connections.
Swivel Canopy Suspension Kit
Swivel Canopy Suspension Kit (DS-PDSK) Includes swivel canopy and two 24" extension rods Extendable up to 96" using DS-PDX24 Can be field cut Seismic swivel tilts up to 45 deg to accomodate sloped ceiling Extension Rod (DS-PDX24) One 24" extension ord for DS-PDSK Can be field cut
Standard Standoff Suspension
Supports rail for flat ceilings and surfaces.
Suspended Ceiling Brace
Use in conjunction with standoffs and/or cable suspension supports. When rail mounting point is in the middle of a suspended ceiling tile.
Inline Switch Accessory for 3-wire line volt cords.
Standard Ceiling Standoff
The SST-60E and the SST-150E have a built in on off switch. Surface mounted 60w or 150w electronic transformer for installation at the end of a track or remote. Knockouts at each end for track sections. Live End Connector (SLE) is required for each track section to be energized.

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