Z2 Restaurant and Lounge in Staten Island, New York

In this issue, we are proud to feature a new restaurant and lounge -
" Z2 Restaurant and Lounge " in Staten Island, New York.

Bar Area

"I loved the color changing effect of WAC's LED Tape System, because it can adapt to the mood of the club," explained Steve Osman, owner of Z2. "WAC's InvisiLED color-changing Palette and Daylight to Sunset systems, as well as the color constant Classic family, highlighted the club's architectural accents."

Bar table

"The lighting is so impressive that many Z2 patrons are coming to us for their lighting needs," explained Peter Razzano, the Lighting Designer on the project. "Customers loved the youthful, colorful appeal featuring amethysts, purples, reds and greens."

Restaurant Area

VIP room

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Throughout Z2: Palette, Daylight to Sunset and Classic 24V InvisiLED Tape Lights
Bar area: Genesis - LED Quick Connect pendant with canopy
VIP Room: Irix - Beauty Spot Crystal Collection with DR-301 canopy
Dining area: Duorail system

Z2 Lounge and Restaurant
2935 Veterans Road West
Staten Island, New York

Lighting Design:
Peter Razzano of Lighting Palace

Interior Design:
Kristy Smith of INO Designs Inc

**A special thanks to Steve Osman, owner of Z2 restaurant, Peter Razzano and Kristy Smith for this incredible opportunity!**