6 Inch Premium Vertical Compact Fluorescent Trim R6VT-33
Cross Louver

One piece spun aluminum construction

Secured within lamp housing by steel spring clips

Abrasion resistant powder coat paint or plated metal finish

Provides smooth, broad area illumination without shadows

Full reflector trims provide proper lamp position, low glare and superior performance photometrics

Multiple wattage options

Lamp Housing
Quad 4-pin, 13W R6VF-113Q, R6VF-113Q-EM, R6VF-126/32T-EM
Tri-Tube 4-pin, 26W R6VF-126/32T, R6VF-113Q-EM, R6VF-126/32T-EM
Tri-Tube 4-pin, 32W R6VF-126/32T, R6VF-113Q-EM, R6VF-126/32T-EM



Model Finish-Baffle/Trim


SA-Satin Aluminum/White


Lamp: Quad 4-pin 13W
            Tri-Tube 4-pin 26W/32W

Specification Sheet

IES Files - right click > "Save target as" to download

Instruction Sheet

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