6 Inch Compact Fluorescent Recessed Downlights R-658
Open Reflector

Designed and engineered to save energy savings and minimal maintenance operation, the 6-inch CFL Recessed Downlights feature one-piece spun aluminum construction, a shallow profile, high performance photometric and smooth broad area illumination without shadows.

Durable stamped metal construction

Secured within lamp housing by steel spring clips

Provided with foam rubber gasket around outer perimeter

Abrasion resistant powder coat paint or plated metal finish

Full reflector trims provide proper lamp position, low glare and superior performance photometrics

Multiple wattage options

Lamp Housing
A19, 60W R-602D-N-ICA, R-603D-R-ICA
A19, 75W R-660S-N-A, R-661S-R-A
A19, 100W R-600D-N-A, R-601D-R-A


Model Finish-Reflector/Trim


BN-Specular Clear/Brushed Nickel

CB-Specular Clear/Copper Bronze

CL/WT-Specular Clear/White

Lamp: A19 60W/75W/100W

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