LED Driver & Dimmer Wall Mounted 120V/24VDC 96W


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EN-D24100-120-R - Wall Mounted Class 2 24VDC/96W Dimmer and Driver


  • Input: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • LED Driver & In-Wall Dimmer Switch in one unit, fits in a standard recessed electrical box.
  • 100% - 1% smooth dimming
  • No minimum load
  • Single Pole preset dimmer with on/off push switch
  • Adjustable voltage output dial to address voltage drop
  • WAC Dimmer & Driver simplifies LED array lighting systems by combining
  • Includes voltage barrier partition to install high and low voltage circuit in same switch box
  • No derating required when ganging units
  • Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, WAC Dimmer + Driver will return to setting prior to interruption.