Achieve a Quiet Ceiling Design with LED Downlights

Have you heard the term “quiet ceiling” and wondered what it meant? The latest buzzword in room design, quiet ceilings are clean and sleek, accomplished by using LED downlights that are almost impossibly small and discreet. These small aperture, recessed downlights are the newest introduction to a style of light fixtures that have long been the workhorse for delivering general, task and accent lighting to homes and businesses.

Evolution of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting started as an inexpensive way to light commercial and retail space by replacing bulkier hanging fixtures with a smaller, space-saving alternative. These incandescent or fluorescent fixtures were installed in the ceiling and surrounded by a trim piece to give it a clean look. With an aperture measuring around six inches, bright illumination was delivered to the space below. Recessed light fixtures increasingly made their way into residential applications over the years as a crucial element in a layered lighting plan.

Then, LED technology came on the scene. Their long life and energy efficiency made them the clear choice for recessed lighting. With those benefits achieved, the latest cutting-edge evolution was to leverage LED technology to offer high performing, compact sized luminaires.


Benefits of Choosing LED Ceiling Light Fixtures

Compared to the other options, LED ceiling lights offer multiple benefits for commercial and residential lighting.

  • They are energy efficient: LEDs are among the most energy-efficient sources of light available. They use as much as 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and up to 72% less energy than halogen bulbs. Their energy efficiency can mean lower electric bills for those who install them in their home.
  • They last for years: LEDs also have an impressive life span compared to other light types. A light fixture with LEDs can last up to 20 years without needing replacement.
  • They look better: LEDs produce a variety of color temperatures ranging from a very cool 6000K to a very warm 2200K. The higher the temperature, the cooler the light color.
  • They are cool to the touch: since less energy is lost to heat transfer compared to legacy lighting sources, LED’s run cooler and won’t make a home’s air conditioner work harder in the summer.
  • They can be cleaned: A fixture attached to the ceiling can attract dust and grime over time. Fortunately, LED light fixtures are relatively easy to clean. You can dust them, and when more intense cleaning is required, you can use a damp cloth to wipe them down.
  • A final, important advantage is that, due to their small diode size, LEDs allow for smaller apertures. With recent advancements in LED technology, recessed lighting design has become smaller in diameter, delivering a similar light output to its larger predecessors. Barely visible on the ceiling, these tiny fixtures pack a powerful punch of illumination.


Why Small Aperture Lighting?

Of all the factors that go into designing a home, office or other space, lighting may have the most significant power to impact mood, evoke emotion and create drama. Well-designed lighting adds a sense of luxury to the environment. That’s why small aperture recessed LED lights are popular due to their incredibly minimal presence on the ceiling.

Quiet ceiling designs are trending and are achieved by installing diminutive aperture LED downlights that appear to recede into the ceiling rather than shouting out their presence and detracting from the room’s design.

Introducing Aether Atomic: An Engineering Marvel

“We’re excited to debut the smallest aperture recessed lighting fixture ever in WAC. Aether Atomic launches into the light!” said Jon Hoffman, Director of Strategic Product Development for WAC. “An excellent, high-end, sustainable quiet ceiling option, Aether Atomic delivers over 1,000 lumens of IC-rated lighting from ½ or 1″ apertures. And, it’s completely serviceable from below – once installed, selectable optics, replaceable light engines, and remote drivers are all accessible without disturbing the ceiling.”

The newly launched Aether Atomic by WAC is an engineering marvel that casts powerful LED illumination from an impossibly small silhouette, making it a sophisticated option for today’s clean ceiling designs.

Small and Powerful, Innovative LED Technology

Aether Atomic by WAC is creatively engineered with LED technology and shallow housing designs that fit tight plenum spaces. With a form factor smaller than a quarter, the inconspicuous ½-inch and 1-inch aperture luminaires provide exceptional high-quality light. Eleven watts of power delivers up to 1000+ lumens with minimal glare and maximum control for general, task or accent lighting.

The downlights are available in four CCTs: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Equipped with a 120 – 277 Volt input power supply, they dim beautifully from 100 to 1 percent with ELV, TRIAC (120V only), and 0-10V systems.

The one-inch AETHER ATOMIC model delivers low-glare, robust lumen output and includes three high-efficiency, field-changeable reflectors. For more subtle illumination, the ½-inch pinhole AETHER ATOMIC projects dramatic lower-lumen light and includes two high-efficiency reflectors that are field changeable.

Easy Service, High Performance and Good Looks

Best of all, service is a breeze. The proprietary WAC tool allows for quick, convenient replacement of trims, optics, and LED light engines without disturbing the ceiling.

These luminaires are IC-rated for remodeling and new construction projects, have a universal housing profile for shallow plenums, and include high-quality stainless steel spackle frames for long-lasting durability.

Constructed from lightweight, performance-grade aluminum, the downlights are offered in round and square trims and elegant black, gold, haze, and white trims for the one-inch size. The ½ inch model is available in black and white. These subtle finishes ensure a discreet look and offer a sleek, modern touch to quiet ceilings.

Focus on the Space, Not the Light Source

With Aether Atomic from WAC, lighting designers, engineers, architects and interior designers can be assured that they can specify a small aperture light that makes a quiet ceiling design possible, returning the focus to where it should be: on a well-designed space.

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