Are Integrated LED Light Fixtures Worth It?

Integrated LED light fixtures come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes that add the perfect touch to any room. When you’re hunting for a unique piece that serves your space and sets it apart, an integrated LED light fixture is an excellent choice. Any savvy shopper knows design is only part of a home decor decision; overall value is important, too.

When determining whether a purchase is worth it, economists, designers and homeowners alike consider a product’s return on investment (ROI). This principle weighs a product’s worth based on the initial investment amount and end benefit. In simple terms, ROI asks, “Are integrated LED light fixtures worth the cost?” Fortunately, Integrated LED Lighting Fixtures offer an excellent value and return in addition to their many desirable qualities.

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What Is An Integrated LED Light Fixture?

An integrated LED light fixture is a lighting fixture which incorporates LEDs directly into the luminaire. In comparison, a common lamp setup has a place to change out a traditional light bulb.

Integrated LED lights connect directly with low or line volt electrical systems. To produce light, the light fixture sends an electrical current to the LED microchips, which combine to create white light.

An LED light setup is extremely versatile and allows integrated LED fixtures to branch out beyond common lighting, ceiling fan and recessed luminaires. LED lighting can be as simple as a strip applied in hard-to-light places, or as elaborate as a ceiling fixture that looks like a piece of art. No matter the scale, these fixtures combine the advantages of LED lights with a uniqueness that makes them stand out among standard fixtures.

Benefits of LED Lighting

With LED lights, lighting can do much more than illuminate a home. LED lights are kind to the environment, your design preferences and your wallet. Take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy with the following LED light fixture pros.

1. Environmental Safety

LED lights do not contain any mercury, which is not the case for their energy-efficient counterpart, compact fluorescent lights (CFL). CFL bulbs have gained popularity in recent years as a more efficient option than traditional incandescent bulbs. Each CFL bulb contains about 4 milligrams of mercury. Though you aren’t exposed to mercury when handling an intact CFL bulb or using it, the mercury can be dangerous if you break a bulb.

There are specific disposal and recycling protocols you need to follow to prevent spreading mercury to the environment.

2. Low Profile

LEDs are much smaller than incandescent and CFL bulbs. This size difference gives LED luminaires a distinct advantage for the following:

  • A wider range of lighting configurations and creative potential
  • Smaller lighter configurations
  • Highly customizable lighting configurations

This versatility allows you to add LED lights under cabinets, around the edge of a pool and much more. You can save precious space without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

3. Energy Savings

LED lights offer the best energy-efficient light source. The U.S. Department of Energy cites 72% to 80% savings with LED lights compared to other options. LED lights last up to 25 times longer than a traditional bulb. Whether you replace one light in a home or design a home completely with LED light fixtures, you can experience tremendous energy savings.

4. Longevity

LED lighting can last 50,000 hours or more before it begins to dim and needs to be replaced. These fixtures could cover 15 to 20 years of regular light use. On average, other lighting alternatives burn out quickly compared to LED:

  • Incandescent bulbs: Approximately 1,000-hour lifespan
  • CFL bulbs: 8,000- to 10,000-hour lifespan

Incandescent and CFL bulbs may require frequent and costly replacements that diminish their overall ROI. When you choose Integrated LED lighting, you can trust you’re investing in a long-lasting, reliable solution.


Advantages of LED Light Fixtures Over Alternatives

There are endless light fixture options you could use within a home’s design. However, not all options provide the advantages available with integrated LED light fixtures. Integrated LED lighting offers superior quality in the following categories:

  • Smart home integration: Between motorized shades, smart locks, smart thermostats and more, smart home technology is expanding rapidly. Traditional and CFL bulbs are limited in their smart home capabilities and may be difficult to incorporate into an existing setup. As a technologically advanced option, integrated LED light fixtures are designed to blend seamlessly with smart home features. You can program dimming features to reflect your daily needs, from sunrise to sunset.
  • Technological advancement: Technology is always changing, and the same is true for Integrated LED light fixtures. Though integrated LED fixtures may not seem like technology, they are considered the most up-to-date lighting option available. Past innovations have drastically improved LED lighting’s sustainability, efficiency, color, quality and affordability. As a viable product that saves consumers money and conserves energy, future research and improvements make LED lights a focal point. Integrated LED lighting is a wise choice versus other lighting options that may fall behind or be discontinued in coming years.
  • Directional lighting: CFL and incandescent bulbs emit light and heat in all directions. This property creates an ambient effect that diffuses light in a room. If you use these bulb types in a fixture, the lighting fixture may require a reflector to shine in a specific direction, and it may lose much of its intensity. Integrated LED lights emit directional light, which can be adjusted to shine in a specific direction. This makes integrated LED light fixtures an ideal choice for recessed downlights, task lighting, accent lighting and more.
  • Waste reduction: The LED lights in an integrated light fixture last much longer than other lighting types and don’t require replacement bulbs. Over time, integrated LED fixtures produce less waste than alternative options. You can keep hazardous light bulb materials out of landfills while enjoying the practical benefits of an efficient and eco-friendly light option.

Though other lighting options may offer some of the same features, no alternative delivers the complete package with the efficiency of LED lights.

How to Incorporate Integrated LED Light Fixtures at Home

A true test of a product’s value is the versatility and functionality it brings to a space. Integrated LED light fixtures feature style and practicality to enhance any room or outdoor space. You may consider an integrated LED fixture in the following lighting areas and setups.

1. Ceiling

Ceiling lights are a common and practical way to light a home. There are numerous integrated LED light fixture options for ceilings that can accommodate both bold and subtle styles:

  • Pendants: LED pendant fixtures display a single medium- to large-sized hanging light suspended by a chain or rod. Pendant lights can be clean and cylindrical, or ornate and chandelier-like depending on your design preferences.
  • Mini pendant: Mini pendant LED fixtures offer scaled-down or simplified versions of a pendant light. These options can be great for a smaller space where you don’t need a statement light.
  • Multiple pendants: Integrated fixtures with multiple pendants allow you to hang several small pendants at varying heights. This creates a flowing, artistic effect that provides practical LED light and undeniable aesthetic appeal.
  • Flush mount: flush mount integrated LED fixture is installed flat against a ceiling for a sleek and low-profile appearance. These options are excellent for areas with limited ceiling space or rooms where larger fixtures are not appropriate.
  • Semi-flush mount: Semi-flush mount LED fixtures are typically embraced by a small canopy at the ceiling. These lights offer a more decorative feel than flush mount fixtures while remaining space-efficient.
  • Monopoint: Integrated LED monopoint fixtures include a single, pointed light that you can position as desired. You can group these lights strategically or install them only where they’re needed.
  • Beauty spots: Beauty spot integrated LED fixtures use strategic design to cast light across the ceiling or wall in an eye-catching display. These fixtures are low profile like a flush mount product but dazzling like a pendant.

Each of the integrated LED ceiling options offers a selection of designs and finishes to complement your interior decorating style.

2. Wall

Integrated LED wall-mounted lights offer illumination and help to eliminate glare from overhead lights. The many wall options work well in a variety of rooms, including:

  • Living rooms: You can add a bit of ambiance to a living room with an integrated LED sconce fixture. Choose from small or prominent designs with a range of finishes to achieve the look you desire. With dimmable LED features, you can create a comfortable reading or movie-viewing environment.
  • Bathrooms: An integrated LED bathroom sconce or vanity light can add the perfect touch to your bathroom. Frame a large mirror with ample lighting to create a station for makeup application and everyday use. With dimmable LED lights, you can soften the fixtures for evening use and increase them when you need maximum visibility.
  • Bedrooms: Install an integrated LED swing light fixture near a bed for a handy reading light. These options give off enough light to provide reading visibility while maintaining a comfortable evening ambiance.
  • Offices: Incorporate LED wall picture lights in an office or gallery to highlight a photo or piece of artwork. When installed at the top of an art piece, a picture light shines a soft light over the work to accentuate it day or night.

3. Recessed

Recessed integrated LED fixtures are installed directly into a ceiling, wall or ground for a virtually smooth appearance. These versatile lights offer a sleek look in the following configurations:

  • Recessed downlights: recessed LED downlight projects light from the ceiling in a variety of beam spreads. These fixtures give a room a modern look while providing light that is comparable to traditional light options.
  • Multiple recessed lights: Recessed multiple downlights offer several LED light configurations that may be positioned strategically. You can include two to four lights in each fixture, depending on your needs.
  • Linear recessed lights: An integrated linear recessed LED light provides a strip of illumination on a wall or ceiling. These fixtures add a functional, modern look to any space.

If you plan to incorporate recessed LED lights into an existing room or remodeled space, be sure to use a fixture that works optimally with your project. If you’re planning to install lighting fixtures for a new construction project, you can include accommodations for your recessed luminaires based on the size of the plenum space and ceiling height.

4. Track

Integrated LED track lighting features multiple lights attached to a ceiling-mounted or suspended track. You can add adjustable track heads or pendants to customize this option. Track lights make an excellent choice for lighting galleries or adding a unique touch to a room.

5. Under Cabinet

Adding integrated LED under cabinet lighting can help illuminate a kitchen counter or cabinetry for maximum visibility and safety. Whether you prefer complete lighting or need it for a specific area, there are functional under cabinet options available:

  • LED strips and tape: For a low-profile, simple under cabinet option, consider adding an integrated LED strip or tape around the perimeter of the cabinets. You can include this lighting under all cabinets for a comprehensive display you can use and enjoy.
  • Bar lights: An integrated LED bar light provides bright coverage in the areas where you need it. Install it under all cabinets or just a few for a custom experience.
  • Puck and button lights: Integrated LED button lights provide concentrated under cabinet light. These fixtures offer a simple solution when you don’t need extensive coverage.

6. Outdoors

Many of the integrated LED options available for indoor use also feature outdoor configurations. You can illuminate the facade of a building, walkway or driveway with the following outdoor options:

You can also use outdoor LED tape to outline a pool or water feature for stunning nighttime displays.


Select High-Quality Integrated LED Light Fixtures From WAC

Integrated LED light fixtures are worth it because of the savings, beauty, safety and reliability they offer. At WAC, we’re committed to offering integrated LED light fixtures for any application. Our products fit effortlessly into a suite of smart home technology while fighting needless energy and light bulb waste. We strive to produce our high-quality fixtures with ecologically sensitive manufacturing and a five-year warranty you can trust.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for a living room or mood lighting for an outdoor pool, WAC has an integrated LED lighting fixture for you. Check out our dealer locations to talk to a representative and browse inventory in person. For more information on how integrated LED light fixtures can transform your next project, contact us today.