Home Lighting Trends That Will Continue Into the Next Decade

Trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to interior design. Although lighting is just one aspect of interior design, trends can still affect it. Fixtures that were stylish one year can be dated and out of vogue the next.

Lighting is something people immediately notice about a room and a great way to show off a particular style. When choosing lights for a particular space, you want to find something that will still be stylish into the next decade. While this may sound challenging with how fast trends can pass, numerous lighting trends have already proved their staying power.

Learn what makes certain styles timeless and what types of lights will still be trending for years to come.

What Makes Interior Design Last?

The tricky thing with trends is that new ones are always popping up. The rise of social media has only sped things up, allowing influencers to create micro-trends or fads. While these types of trends can spread like wildfire, they’re typically short-lived.

Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, interior design trends are moving faster than ever as users have new trends at their fingertips to find and share.

Unfortunately, keeping up with these micro-trends can be time-consuming and costly. If you attempt to keep up with Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest micro-trends, you’d be making frequent changes to your interior designs. If you’re looking for trends that will still be popular a few years from now, you may feel lost. How can you tell what trends will stick?

While consumers focus on micro-trends that often deal with small home-decor items and easily interchangeable design features, architects and designers look ahead for macro trends that will last for years. Unlike micro-trends that have a quick rise to fame and fall just as fast, macro trends steadily rise to the spotlight and last for several years. Trends with an even bigger impact — also known as megatrends — last a decade or more. Megatrends are often the result of new technologies, making them the hardest to replace and the longest to last.

While it’s impossible to avoid trends altogether, they often work better as an inspiration than a template. Timeless light fixtures have consistent design structures and elements, though the style and aesthetic vary to offer versatility and match current trends. You can use those current trends as a jumping-off place and add your style preferences to make a space your own.

5 Types of Lighting That Won’t Go Out of Style

Lighting is an aspect of interior design that you can use to make a statement. For example, recent lighting trends include using lighting as a feature element in a room. However, lighting doesn’t need to be extravagant to be in style. Many lighting fixtures have withstood the test of time and will remain popular trends in lighting for years to come. Consider these lighting fixtures and whether they may be a stylish addition to your space.

1. Chandeliers

The chandelier is one of the most timeless lighting trends. Chandeliers have been a statement piece for decades, appearing everywhere from homes to restaurants to hotels. These lights can range from simple and elegant to intricate and dramatic, allowing them to compliment many styles and designs. While chandeliers are primarily found in areas with high ceilings, they come in various shapes and sizes. Their versatility means you can use these fixtures in nearly any room or space.

Chandelier styles and designs are abundant. You’ll want to pick one versatile enough to fit with future interior design trends while matching your current aesthetic. Simple chandeliers work with most designs and still make a statement. Whether you want a large chandelier in your living room or foyer or a smaller fixture to hang over a dining room table, chandeliers are here to stay.

2. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are the chandelier’s younger sibling. They’re incredibly similar in that they know how to make a statement, though they are intended for different spaces and lighting needs. While chandeliers hang from the ceiling to illuminate a large space, pendant lighting allows you to achieve a similar look to illuminate smaller areas.

Pendant lighting fixtures are popular above tables, counters, kitchen islands and other isolated spaces where you want an extra dose of direct light. Rather than branch out like chandeliers, these lights are simpler and hang from a central chain or cord. With various styles like linear pendants that can function in various settings and designs, pendant lights are timeless.

3. Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting’s functionality means it will never go out of style. Vanity lights hang above or around mirrors, most often in bathrooms. These fixtures brighten up the space directly in front of the mirror or above the sink to provide better lighting, especially when the overhead light may be inadequate.

Wall sconces are a popular style of vanity lights. These fixtures mount to the wall beside or between mirrors. They take up minimal space and complement various designs and spaces.

4. Downlights

Also known as recessed lights, downlights are installed so that the light’s trim is flat against the ceiling. Designers often install these fixtures throughout a room to provide even lighting. You can also use them to add visual interest or create a focal point. Downlights have many options for reflectors, trims and lenses, allowing you to adjust their style. Downlights can even combine with other lighting fixtures like pendant lights to illuminate an entire space.

5. Track Lighting

Track lighting is another versatile, timeless lighting trend. These fixtures feature several individual lights on a rail or track. Also known as track heads, the lights can typically slide along the track and angle in different directions. Track heads come in a wide range of finishes, shapes, sizes and designs, offering many ways to implement them into an interior design.

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Whether you’re looking for trendy new lights or timeless styles, finding the right light fixtures to match your design can pull an entire room together and make a statement. From subtle downlights for functionality to classy pendant lights for decoration, WAC Lighting offers an extensive inventory of lighting options to meet various lighting needs. We offer customized lighting products at affordable prices for both residential and commercial spaces.

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