Transform Your Landscape with the Colorscaping System by WAC

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From tunable white light to the infinite colors of the rainbow, imagine your world uniquely illuminated after sunset. Imagine illumination that is personalized to you and your family, celebrating your life’s special moments. From the ideal amount of white layered light to colors that change with the seasons, add a vibrant and dynamic element to your home with the ultimate outdoor LED lighting experience: Colorscaping from WAC.

Colorscaping is a revolutionary smart lighting and control system designed to breathe life into your outdoor space. Say goodbye to mundane landscapes and embrace fully automated white and color LED illumination that adapts to your every mood and occasion.

From path lights to hardscape, adjustable accent and wall wash lights, tape lights and more, Colorscaping integrates with a full selection of WAC landscape fixtures – and best of all, using our innovative transformer, Colorscaping can work with your existing landscape lighting systems, too.

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  • Unveiling Colorscaping’s Brilliance
  • Colorscaping by WAC is not just a lighting system; it’s a masterpiece of engineering crafted to illuminate your landscape in ways you’ve never imagined. This patent-pending technology utilizes two-wire conventional landscape wiring and an innovative transformer, making installation a breeze while offering individual control over fixtures to change brightness and color.
  • Create Personalized Lighting Experiences
  • Experience the magic of tunable white and full-color spectrum technology with Colorscaping. From subtle white light to bold, vivid hues, this system offers light that can be adapted to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you’re hosting a cozy evening gathering or a lively event, transform your outdoor space with just the touch of a button.
  • The beauty of the Colorscaping system lies in its ability to adapt to your unique preferences. Colorscaping features advanced RGBWW technology, which uses warm white and cool white LEDs to offer a broader range of color temperature options, providing greater control over the ambiance of your outdoor space. With tunable white light ranging from a warm 2700K to a cool 6500K, you can effortlessly complement your garden’s serene ambiance or accentuate the architectural features of your outdoor space.
  • Here’s how it works:
    • Adjustable Color Temperatures: Tunable white lighting systems have LEDs that can emit light at different color temperatures. The Colorscaping system offers a range of color temperatures, ranging from warm (lower Kelvins, around 2700K-3000K) to cool (higher Kelvins, around 5000K-6500K). Warm light enhances the natural colors of foliage and creates a cozy atmosphere, while cool light can emphasize architectural details and provide a modern, crisp look.
    • Dynamic Lighting Scenes: Like a photographer experimenting with different filters for varied effects, you can create dynamic lighting scenes by selecting a color temperature based on the time of day or specific events. For example, warmer tones might be preferred during the evening for a more inviting ambiance.
    • Highlighting Architectural Features: Tune the color temperature to highlight specific architectural features. Warmer tones can make elements like brick facades or wooden structures stand out, while cooler tones can complement modern designs.
    • Adapting to Seasons: Tunable white landscape lighting can be adjusted to suit the changing seasons. Warmer tones can evoke a sense of spring or accentuate the beautiful hues of autumn foliage, while cooler tones may be used for a refreshing summer look.
  • Many people primarily use Colorscaping to layer light using its tunable white technology to transform an outdoor space into a versatile and visually stunning retreat that adapts to various occasions and moods. But that’s just the beginning – dive into a spectrum of millions of custom colors to craft the perfect setting for holiday displays, entertainment and special events.
  • Select From a Full Portfolio of Landscape Fixtures
  • A complete landscape lighting portfolio is available with our WAC Colorscaping system. Here are just a few ways to highlight your home and landscape:
    • Use our path lights tuned to a cool tone for safety and security and warm white light from wall mount fixtures for outdoor entertaining.
    • Our range of adjustable accent fixtures is perfect for spotlighting distinctive vegetation in unique colors to complement foliage changes. Or choose in-ground luminaires to tune white light at the base of trees to make evergreens greener and Japanese maples more vibrant red.
    • Wall wash and hardscape fixtures are ideal for creating different scenes against your home’s exterior, especially during the holidays, or use them to schedule beautiful sunrise and sunset scenes to enhance the warmth and beauty of your facade.
  • Installation is Easy with Our Innovative Transformer
  • Whether you are a professional installer or a DIYer, our smart transformer easily enables robust wiring from 150-watt and 300-watt capacities. It protects against power surges and voltage spikes, ensuring a consistent and steady flow of power and preventing fluctuations that could affect the performance and lifespan of the LED fixtures.

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  • Once your fixtures and transformer have been installed, you can quickly test the control of luminaires with the transformer by cycling through the presets of groups of legacy fixtures as well as Colorscaping’s tunable whites and colors. The transformer eliminates any confusion in the field with a proprietary discovery process. It identifies each Colorscaping fixture and location so the luminaires can be added, changed and/or paired with the appropriate transformer with the push of a button.
  • Colorscaping’s innovative and smart transformer works with your existing 12volt landscape lights, even if they aren’t from WAC. You can connect them to our transformer, elevating your legacy system with the advantages of the Colorscaping transformer. You can add to your existing system, or create an entirely new one using fixtures from our WAC Colorscaping and Landscape Lighting portfolios.
Colorscaping App Control

  • Multiple Ways to Control Your Colorscaping System
  • We provide multiple methods to control Colorscaping using WiFi,with the MyWAC App, our WallStation, through wired ethernet connections, or our DMX controller via any of the popular home control systems on the market today.
  • MyWAC App: Your Gateway to Control
  • Seamless control is at your fingertips with our user-friendly MyWAC app, using cell phones, tablets or smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It’s easy to connect the app via WiFi or wired ethernet to exercise complete control over your luminaires. Once you’re connected, here are some of the many ways you can control your Colorscaping luminaires:
    • Independent Control: Operate each of the Colorscaping luminaires independently or as a part of a group for your favorite scene. Presets are included, allowing you to change your lighting scheme on the fly.
    • Scheduling: It’s up to you! Keep it simple with a 7-day weekly calendar, or have a different schedule each day using our 365-day calendar that adapts to daylight saving time. You can schedule lighting changes based on dates, times or dynamic patterns like sunrise and sunset, ensuring your outdoor space is always set to perfection.
    • Commissioning: Configure and program your lighting scenes with our exclusive MyWAC App. You can set the color, intensity, and behavior of individual lights or groups of lights to suit different moods, events or preferences from anywhere in the world!
  • WallStation: Simple Push Button Control
  • Once your MyWAC App is programmed, our WallStation offers a smooth user experience. It is a control interface installed on a wall or other fixed surface to manage and adjust Colorscaping, providing a convenient and accessible means to operate your landscape lighting systems.
  • The WallStation features four pre-configured scene buttons, a dedicated off button, and dimming capability and is fully customizable via the MyWAC App. Program each of the four scenes within the app, then use the wired Wall Station to control them via your home’s WiFi.
  • DMX Control with Popular Control Systems
  • Our DMX controller integrates Colorscaping with popular control systems using the DMX512-A protocol. Individual channels control a specific lighting fixture parameter, such as changing color and color temperature, intensity, and on/off/dimming functions. Higher-level integrations and new functions will be available as these systems evolve through future over-the-air updates.
  • Legacy-Proof Connectivity
  • Do you already have landscape fixtures? It’s easy to enhance your existing landscape lighting system with Colorscaping! Connect them to the Colorscaping transformer, allowing easy control and automation. Manage legacy lighting circuits as a single group in the MyWAC App, adding them to schedules or controlling them alongside other supported systems with brightness control over dimmable fixtures. And, new WAC Landscape Lighting luminaires can be added to your existing system to elevate your home to create the showpiece of the neighborhood.
  • Illuminate Your Life with Colorscaping by WAC
  • Live your life in color with the Colorscaping lighting and control system by WAC. Transform your outdoor space into a canvas of endless possibilities, where every setting reflects your style and mood. With easy installation, personalized control and a spectrum of colors at your fingertips, Colorscaping will redefine how you perceive and experience outdoor lighting. Illuminate your outdoors with brilliance. It’s time to have your landscape come to life.
  • Contact us or learn more about Colorscaping by WAC on our website.

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