Why LED is Right for Your Office?

Money may not lead to more productivity, but lighting does. Our bodies need full-spectrum light to trigger important hormonal responses throughout the day. These responses are the result of human evolutionary relationships with sunlight. But could making the switch to LEDs really make a difference in your work?

Today this is now possible either in the form of sunlight or LED artificial lighting. In fact, according to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), LED lighting appeared to increase the productivity of participants, when compared with fluorescent lighting. Research shows that LED lighting is directly related to positive improvements in cognition and employee performance.

Another cup of coffee may not be enough to offset what can happen with poor office lighting. When working indoors all day under poor-quality lighting, you may not even get a good night’s sleep. When you can’t bathe in natural light all day, choose high CRI LED Lighting for a healthier, safer and more productive workplace!

LED vs. Fluorescent and Incandescent Lighting

When selecting lighting options for offices, you can choose from three types — incandescent, fluorescent and LED. Check out these benefits of LED lighting for an office:

1. Save Office Energy Costs

Compared to other lighting options, you can achieve higher energy efficiency with LED lighting. According to the Department of Energy, this lighting type uses 75% less energy than other options. LED lights are able to conserve more energy because of their design. Other lights produce heat as a form of energy waste, meaning they only use a portion of the energy they consume for light and the rest comes off as heat. LED lights have no heat loss during consumption, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency.

Because LED lights produce no heat, they create cooler office spaces. Employees will feel more comfortable as they work through daily tasks, but these lower temperatures can reduce the strain on cooling systems during the warmer seasons. Increased heat production indoors means cooling systems have to work harder to maintain their set temperature, using more office energy. LED lights can keep air conditioning units and fans running only as needed, reducing office energy consumption and costs.

When you want to understand how well your clients and customers can save with LED lights, use WAC Lighting’s energy-saving calculator. Here, you can input your project specifications to highlight how much money offices can save when switching to this energy-efficient lighting solution.

2. Increase Life Span

Offices can further save money by reducing the number of replacements they need with LED lighting. These lights last three to five times longer than fluorescent options and 25 to 30 times more than incandescent ones. Offices can get more from their lighting investments with LED, helping decrease costs. With more room in their budget, offices can invest in other essential tools and upgrades to boost office efficiency and productivity.

LED lights are more durable, further increasing their life span. They can resist shocks, vibrations, vandalism and rough handling, whereas other lighting options are more fragile and break more frequently. When offices have stronger lighting options, they can better protect their employees and get more from their lighting investment.

3. Operate in More Conditions

Fluorescent and incandescent lights have difficulty functioning in hot or cold conditions. If the temperature is too extreme, the light might dim, break and burn out, leaving offices without the lighting they need to operate. Some lights might need time to warm up in colder environments or after long periods without use.

The durability of LED lights allows them to be dependable assets that offices and employees can depend on year-round, regardless of the conditions.

How Do LED Lights Improve Employee Alertness and Productivity?

The right lighting solution can empower employees to continue working and reduce distractions. The benefits of LED lighting for offices include:

  • Reducing eye strain: LED lights imitate natural light, which reduces eye strain for better comfort and focus in the office. Fluorescent and incandescent lights produce ultraviolet (UV) rays that are harsh on the eyes and can lead to more headaches and health problems. The harshness of fluorescent and incandescent lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, slowing down productivity and efficiency for affected workers.
  • Imitating natural light: LED lights are often warmer-toned, even if they come in various colors. Employees associate this lighting with the sun and daylight, increasing how alert they are when they come into the office. When employees are comfortable and energetic, they are more prepared to complete tasks and have deep focus.
  • Providing consistent light: LED lights are less prone to flickering and sputtering, helping provide more consistent light. Employees can continue to work without any visual or auditory environment changes. With LED light options, office lighting can become a tool employers use to create environments dedicated to focus and efficiency. Flickering and bright lights also agitate headaches and migraines, making it more challenging for employees to work under these conditions.
  • Improving employee comfort: Employee comfort has a significant impact on office productivity — when employees are satisfied with their work environment, they can focus on their tasks instead of finding ways to increase their comfort. Since LED lights produce no heat, employees can enjoy cooler work climates during the summer and warmer days.
  • Preventing pests: Because fluorescent and incandescent lights produce UV light and heat, they often attract bugs. Moths, mosquitos and other insects will seek out these light sources. The presence of bugs in offices can distract employees in many ways. Bug bites can cause further discomfort, distracting employees and posing potential health hazards. LED lights prevent bugs from gathering in office spaces because they don’t produce UV light.

LED lights create healthier work environments for office employees.

LED Office Design Tips

When integrating LED lighting into office spaces, designers can use various techniques to optimize employee comfort and efficiency. Some ways you can maximize LED office lighting include:

  • Opting for corrective lighting: Eye strain and damage have many causes in offices, especially when employees sit in front of their computers and monitors all day. Screen brightness can contrast heavily with office backgrounds, creating a harmful glare that can increase eye strain and pain, even with LED overhead lighting. Designers can offset this with corrective lighting placed behind screens to reduce that contrast and assist the eyes.
  • Decreasing light intensity: Bright lights can make it hard for employees to focus. Dimmers can help employees create an ideal office environment that matches their lighting needs and comfort levels. Especially when designing individual offices, increased lighting control can help support employee efficiency.
  • Using natural light sources: Offices with windows and skylights can help support LED lighting solutions. Because LED solutions produce natural light, they can integrate better than other options. Designers can space workstations to optimize natural light throughout the office. Further, tools like dimmers and shades can help employees adjust their lighting options as the sun moves.

Choosing the Company for Your Office Lighting Needs

When you want to provide quality light design to office spaces and employees, you need the best office lighting solution. WAC Lighting designs integrated LED light fixtures that can apply to many spaces and styles, including offices. When you want to create a work area that optimizes efficiency and reduces distractions, WAC Lighting can supply you with recessed LED solutions and unique LED linear pendants.

Our products have many smart features, including dimmers and temperature controllers, to optimize employee comfort and office preferences. These fixtures are lasting investments, ensuring your clients get the most from their investments. Explore our online selection today or find a location near you!