Colorscaping FAQ

Colorscaping utilizes patent-pending technology and two-wire conventional landscape wiring for easy installation. It provides individual control over fixtures, allowing you to adjust brightness and color. The system features advanced tunable white and RGBWW technology, offering a broad range of color temperature options and endless colors.

Yes, Colorscaping works with existing landscape lighting systems, thanks to its innovative smart transformer. The transformer can connect to your current landscape lights, even if they are not from WAC, making them smart and enhancing your legacy system.

The smart transformer is a crucial component that converts standard household electrical voltage into a lower, safer voltage suitable for outdoor landscape lighting. The Colorscaping transformer is innovative and smart, offering easy installation and compatibility with a range of WAC landscape and your existing fixtures. It uses a proprietary discovery process to identify and control each fixture with the push of a button.

You can control Colorscaping through various methods, including WiFi or wired ethernet using the MyWAC App, our WallStation, or a DMX controller. The MyWAC App provides seamless control with features like independent control, scheduling, and commissioning. The WallStation offers simple push-button control, and the DMX controller integrates with industry standard control systems.

Colorscaping is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google.

Yes, Colorscaping allows you to create personalized lighting experiences. The MyWAC App enables you to configure and program lighting scenes, adjusting color, intensity, of individual lights or groups based on different moods, events, or preferences.

WAC offers a diverse portfolio of landscape fixtures, including path lights, adjustable accent fixtures, wall wash lights, hardscape fixtures, and more. These fixtures are designed to highlight various aspects of your home and landscape, providing safety, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Colorscaping makes it easy to connect to legacy fixtures. Connect them to the Colorscaping transformer to make them smart, allowing easy control and automation. Legacy lighting circuits can be managed as a single group in the MyWAC App, adding them to schedules or controlling them alongside other supported systems.

Yes, new WAC landscape luminaires can be added to your existing system, elevating your outdoor space and creating a showpiece in your neighborhood.

Yes, new WAC landscape luminaires can be added to your existing system, elevating your outdoor space and creating a showpiece in your neighborhood.

Before starting the installation, ensure the transformer can handle the total fixture load, and your wiring plan accounts for voltage drop. This ensures optimal performance.

Follow these steps for mounting:

  1. Provide 12 inches of airspace around the transformer.
  2. Securely mount the power supply using the provided template.
  3. Hang the transformer case securely over the screws.
  4. Plug in the power cord to a GFCI-protected outlet.
  5. Use approved wiring methods to connect the power supply and lighting fixtures. Do not remove the PLC filter module from the power cord.

Run low voltage landscape cables through the transformer's knockouts and connect them to the labeled terminal blocks. Use Zone 1 for smart fixtures and Zone 2 for legacy fixtures.

After installation, turn on the main breaker switch inside the transformer. Wait for the system light to stop blinking and turn solid blue, this indicates that the Colorscaping transformer is ready for setup.

Press and release the 'Zone 1' button. Depress the "Presets" button for 6 seconds until you hear a beep. When discovery is complete, the 'Zone 1' indicator emits three long flashes. Note that fixtures may flash during the discovery process.

Use the local control panel to test Zone 1 fixtures:

  1. Press and release the Zone 1 button.
  2. Observe the Zone 1 indicator light illuminating green.
  3. Press and release the presets button; the output indicator light should turn red.

Observe the fixtures matching the color of the output indicator light.  Repeatedly pressing and releasing the presets button will cycle all Colorscaping fixtures through the 16 pre-defined color and tunable white presets.

For Zone 2 - Legacy fixtures:

  1. Press and release the Zone 2 button.
  2. Observe the Zone 2 indicator light illuminating red.
  3. Press and release the up-arrow button to see all level indicators illuminated, indicating full brightness.

If you have any questions or encounter issues, contact customer service at 1-800-526-2588.

To connect your Colorscaping transformer, download the MyWAC Lighting App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app, sign in with existing credentials (if applicable) or sign up if you're a new user.

The first step is to create a location within the app. Tap the plus sign, select location, and define the type of space (e.g., primary residence, rental property). Enter your zip code to enable location-specific settings, such as sunrise and sunset times.

In the app's default view, tap the plus sign to add a product. Choose Colorscaping from the list and connect your Colorscaping transformer to the network via Wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Ensure your device is on the same 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, enter the password, and scan the QR code on the transformer.

Yes, if you have multiple transformers, repeat the steps to install additional transformers before continuing with the app setup.

Tap on the fixture in the list, and a dialogue will appear allowing you to adjust the fixture's output. You can choose from tunable white options, default colors, adjust intensity using the slider, and even rename the fixture.

Groups allow you to control multiple fixtures as one virtual circuit. The app has a default group called "all default" for immediate control. To create a new group, tap the plus sign, select group, name the group, and add devices. Groups can also be added as favorites for easy access.

To create an automation or scene, tap the plus icon on the MyWAC home screen. Select Automation to create a new automation.  Select fixtures or groups, choose the action for the scene, and name the automation. You can also mark it as a favorite for quick access.

Yes, to create a schedule, select the three straight lines icon, choose schedule, and tap the plus sign. Name the schedule, enable it, select daily or specific days, and set triggers like sunset and sunrise. Use actions to pick the automation to be triggered.

Go to the settings page in the MyWAC app, select third-party integration, and follow the steps listed to control your devices using voice commands.

To learn more about Colorscaping, explore the Colorscaping system at or contact customer service at 1-800-526-2588.