Our Pledge

We at WAC Lighting pledge our commitment to Responsible Lighting and building our customers’ successes with best in class products, advanced technology, innovative design and unparalleled service.



We use a “Responsible Lighting” standard reflecting our holistic approach to business, encompassing a deep commitment to responsible, eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research and development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism. We put our customers first, and strategize sales and marketing efforts based on their needs.


We have transformed family values into successful business values while promoting the highest standards of entrepreneurship and quality of life. Further, we are committed to getting the job done right the first time.


Utilizing the latest advancements in light sources, material engineering, electronics, architecture and marketing, we push the boundaries of engineering and inspired designs to produce innovative luminaires featuring beauty, energy-efficiency, sustainability, durability and safety, as well as superior performance.


We take a leadership approach within the industry in manufacturing, product development and social responsibility. We continue to build our technological and research core competencies to develop a robust product assortment that is supported by a first-class team, distinguishing our company from the competition as a true leader in solid-state lighting.


We foster an environment of honest, direct and relevant communications with an emphasis on listening among associates, customers, specifiers and suppliers.


We act with integrity and engender trust among our employees, customers and colleagues around the globe.

Giving Back

We support diversity and goodwill throughout the local and global communities.