Framing Projector Accessory Accessory for LEDme Track Luminaire


Order Number:
model finish
008FP BK - Black
008FP DB - Dark Bronze
008FP WT - White


  • Construction: Steel lens snoot, metal shims with plastic end caps, glass focusing lens.
  • Creates a square or rectangular light area to illuminate artwork or displays. Frames a crisp edge with no light spillage, making paintings look as if they are self-luminating.
  • Best effect is achieved with low level ambient light and distances less than 10 feet.
  • Can be used with the following fixtures; HHT-007, HHT-007L, JHT-007, JHT-007L, LHT-007, LHT-007L , DL-007, ME-007, MI-007, LP-007