H/J/L/J2 Track Feed Canopy with Cable Suspension


Order Number:
model & track system finish
J2-SKCF96 - J2 Track BK - Black
J2-SKCF96 - J2 Track WT - White
SKCF96 - H/J/L Track BK - Black
SKCF96 - H/J/L Track WT - White


  • Input: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Construction: Powder coated steel canopy with 96in aircraft and feed cable
  • Power feeds and suspends track lighting from ceiling mounted junction boxes.
  • SKCF96 is compatible with H/L/J track. J2-SKCF96 is compatible with J2 track.
  • Includes 96in of aircraft cable and cable gripper for fine-tuned suspension adjustment.
  • SKCF96: Includes 12/3 feed cable for H/L/J track connectors with cable clamp fitting.
  • J2-SKCF96: Includes 12/4 feed cable for J2 track connectors with cable clamp fitting.
  • Aircraft cable and feed wire may be field cut.

Line Drawing