VENTRIX Recessed Grid End Cap


Order Number:
model finish description
S2CG1-EC WT - White Recessed 15/16 Lay-in Grid End Cap
S2CG2-EC WT - White Recessed 15/16 Tegular Grid End Cap
S2CG3-EC WT - White Recessed 9/16 Lay-in Grid End Cap
S2CG4-EC WT - White Recessed 9/16 Tegular Grid End Cap
S2CG5-EC WT - White Recessed 9/16 Slot Grid End Cap


  • Input: 48 VDC
  • IC Rated
  • Construction: Extruded aluminum with solid copper alloy bus bars
  • Heavy duty grade 48VDC trim recessed channel with signal controllable circuits.
  • Operating Current: Max circuit is rated 12.5A
  • Magnetic infrastructure allows you to slide elements within the VENTRIX and adjust lighting effects while powered
  • Black copper bus bars for power and communications