The WAC Smart Fan Experience

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Your WAC Smart Fan includes everything you need to install and operate your fan.

Looking for a more integrated experience? You can upgrade your fan at any time from your iOS or Android device by visiting the AppStore or Google Play. You can integrate with smart home technologies you already own, and enjoy features such as:

Adaptive Learning to automate scheduling of fan operation
Wind Chill to coordinate with thermostats, reducing HVAC costs
To get started:

1. Install your fan.

2. Enable Wi-Fi broadcasting.

Hold for approximately 4 seconds
or until the fan beeps.

3. Download the app.

4. Create an account to sign up – or- Login with an existing Facebook or Google account.

5. Allow location access.

6. Add a device.

7. Once pairing is successful, you are now ready to begin using smart features with your fan.