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The WAC Smart Fan Experience


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Your WAC Smart Fan includes everything you need to install and operate your fan.

Looking for a more integrated experience? You can upgrade your fan at any time from your iOS or Android device by visiting the AppStore or Google Play. For just $9.99* you can integrate with smart home technologies you already own, and enjoy features such as:

  • Adaptive Learning to automate scheduling of fan operation
  • Wind Chill to coordinate with thermostats, reducing HVAC costs
  • Grouping fans to have them controlled together**

To get started:

1. Install your fan.

2. Enable Wi-Fi broadcasting.

Hold for approximately 4 seconds
or until the fan beeps.

3. Download the app.

4. Create an account to sign up – or- Login with an existing Facebook or Google account.

5. Allow location access.

6. Add a device.

7. Once pairing is successful, you are now ready to begin using smart features with your fan.

*$9.99 excluding applicable taxes per WAC Smart Fan
**Requires additional charges

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