Found Light

WAC Lighting is proud to support the local creative economy showcasing artistry by Warren Muller.

Each day begins with light. It guides us. Light shows us the beauty in all things. Through careful, thoughtful design, engineering, and manufacturing, we stand by our vision for community and a sustainable future. This is what Responsible Lighting means to us. Today we celebrate the inspiration we get from Found Light. From the luminaires we invent that allow you to paint with light, to our installation of Warren Muller’s “found object light sculptures,”
we hope you leave inspired.

Each “found object light sculpture” is lit with our architectural-grade ultra narrow beam spread 6010 Lucio to accentuate the stark shadows created by the dimensional artwork. 90+ CRI with high R9 values help viewers appreciate the collection in vivid color.

To learn more about Warren Muller visit his website.